July 14, 2012

Weeping Rock

Yesterday we went and hiked in beautiful Zions National Park. We drove up with my Sister, Chantelle aka "Belle", Her Hubs Dan, and their daughter, Haiven.        If you haven't had a chance to go to Zions, I would suggest you get on that.  It is definitely something worth seeing.  Before we started our hike, we stopped at a little restaurant in the town just before you get into Zions, called Casa De Amigos, It was mmm Nummy(In the words of Nixon).  They had a playroom for the kiddlets on the side of the restaurant, which I was a fan of and thought was genius.  We all ordered fajitas and ate while the kids played. Perfect.

P.S More projects coming next week. Promise. 

Riding the shuttle up to Weeping Rock.  Nixon thought it was fun.  He called it the bus.  "I wanna ride the bus Ma!"  He doesn't look so excited in this picture though... I think he was probably thinking of sleep when we snapped this. Evan on the other hands, looks as happy as a little duck on the pond.


Starting the hike up to Weeping Rock.  I got to say those kid carriers were very handy.

 And. He's. Out.  
Don't worry we don't let our boys drink from pink bottles.   That one happens to belong to Miss Haiven.

And we made it to Weeping Rock.  Please don't be fooled, the "hike", more like walk up a steep paved trail, is only .4 miles.  Which was perfect for the kids. Short and sweet.

My Sisters and I.  (I claim you as a Sister Emmy.)

It's the Phoenix in Zions.

The whole crew.  (Minus the Husbands)


The Patriarch viewpoint.

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