August 23, 2012

Bringing the outdoors in.


Yesterday I was needing a new activity to help entertain the boys.  I grabbed some empty egg cartons from off the top of the fridge and we took them outside and the boys filled them with rocks.  It ended up being a fun activity and kept them busy for quite sometime.  Nixon liked to count them has he put the rocks in each hole.  Jovi like to put the rocks in and them dump them out, he thought it was pretty funny.

There is just something about bringing the outdoors in, that makes a house feel a little more homey.  In my opinion anyways.  The way I like to bring the outdoors in is with plants (real or fake), and freshly picked flowers.  Preferably white daisy's.  Evan learned pretty quick they are the only way to my heart ;)  In fact they were the flowers he brought to me the night he proposed. Which is a really cute story.  I might have to share it sometime, but right now lets get back to what we were talking about. Another idea of bringing the outdoors in, is with your furniture.  I love, LOVE natural wood furniture.  Like this one here and here

For the past couple years, Evan and I have been reading and watching documentaries on Eco homes or "green homes," you know, the self sustaining type of homes.  I find it so interesting.  I got so excited when I found this book at the library called "Green Homes," I seriously smiled and got a little giddy because I was so excited they had it. Some people find this way of living very strange, but I personally don't see what's so strange about it when your saving all that money in the long run, and not only that, the design and architecture of the houses are incredible!  I just find it all so intriguing. 

I've been thinking a lot about getting my degree in Interior Design and specializing in eco design.  I think I would really enjoy it since that's all I read about these days in my spare time.  So why not right?  

You probably don't want to hear about me blabble on about this anymore, so check out these awesome self sustaining green homes.

pryor residence outside pool family portrait

e green home facade

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Those green homes are amazing!

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