September 9, 2012

A little update.

Just a little Family update.

Since school started, live has been very busy for us.  Evan is working on his degree in Mass Communications, while I'm working towards a degree in interior design.  I'm in no hurry right now so I'm taking just a few classes here and there so I can focus on and enjoy being a Mama right now. 

Lets talk about Evan for a bit. He really is the best Husband a girl could ask for. He works sooo hard for us and is such an amazing Dada. Plus he's super handsome. My favorite thing to do is watch him interact and play with the boys. They both love him so much and get so excited when he comes home from school or work. They always run to the door and greet him with big hugs and kisses. We are so grateful for him and for all he does for us. Love-a you Babes;)

Oh Nixon, he is such a character and so much fun! He loves people and never hesitates to tell them about his day and what he's doing and what he ate that day. He is really such a smart little stinker. I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up with him! Maybe that's part of the reason I felt like I needed to go back to school? Haha maybe. He loves his little brother and is always so concerned about where he is and what he's doing. He is getting a lot better at sharing which is nice. Some of the things he says lately crack me up! He love's to make us laugh. Sometimes when I don't answer to Mom he will say, "Taaaayli!"

Common things he says;

"Where did this come from huh?"

"Shake your booooty!"

"Mama I tooted!"

"I want to watch a movie!" How do we ask? "Pwweeeasee"

"I weally want that Mom!"

Jovi Povi puddin pie! He is our happy little bug-a-boo.  He has the biggest smile and best laugh ever. He is such a little sweetie and loves his blankie (both of my boys have to sleep with their special blanket). His most common phrase these days is, are you ready for it? It's, NOOOOO!  I wonder where he learned that one from? Hmmm.  Jovi loves his big brother and his puppy Ollie. First thing when he wakes up, he has to go smother Ollie with loves. Thankfully he is a VERY nice and patient pup.

I love both of my boys and Hubs sooo mucho! I am one lucky Mama.

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Such a cute family andy your style is amazing!I am so glad we are instagram friends now!

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