September 8, 2012


Life lately through Instagram...

My Loves.
Both of the boys really love music. Especially when Dada plays it.

Watercolors with my little Buddy. He wanted me to paint him, "fat scarrwwwy Monsters"
Where does he come up with this stuff?

The dirty laundry goes in the dryer first. Duh Mom, everyone knows that!

Morning chores.
Helping water the plants. #Nixonbuddy #Jovipovi

My little #BabyGenius. 

This is how we spent our Labor Day. #Working on projects.

Nixon getting his first hair cut! Well It was more like a trim, but still.  

Can someone please tell this little boy to stop growing up!!! #Jovipovi

My first day of school was a success!
 I am so thankful to have such a great Mama who watches the boys for me while I go to class. She is the best! And the boys love going to Grwammas house!

I wish all homework was this fun! #Interiordesignclass

I guess he thought I needed to be cooled down too. #spitshot

I'll scrub your back, if you scrub mine. #Brothers

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