September 21, 2012

Healthier = Happier

So the past month I have been trying to cook and eat healthier foods. And honestly I have felt a difference. I have a lot more energy and I'm more happy. Really. Which is a great thing trying to keep up with two wild little boys.

I also have been trying new recipes and different eating habits.  First thing I do in the morning is drink a full glass of water. I even will add a little lemon to it for extra nutrients and zing. When I'm done squeezing the lemon, Nixon likes to eat the rest of it. Which I don't really get? He won't eat ANYTHING green but he will eat a sour lemon. Hmm.

For most of the recipes I have been getting them off of the Whole Food app or website which I absolutely love. You can be very specific about what you want to make; main dishes, meals for kids, appetizers, non dairy, gluten free...etc. Also on the app you can add the recipe to your shopping list and it lists all the items for you so you don't have to write them down. Very convenient. If you don't have this app get it now!

Evan has been working late all week and finally had the evening off. So I decided to spoil him by making something new. And when I say spoil him I mean SPOIL him because I really don't enjoying cooking very much. I usually have to watch something while I cook like New Girl to get me through the process. Anyways, for the meal I chose corned beef cabbage. And for the sides I made bruschetta one of my favorites! And home made tortilla chips with parmesan spinach artichoke chip (A specialty I learned from one of our friends). After 3 hours of preparing and cooking dinner it ended up being a hit! I told Evan I'm done cooking for the week though ;)

Next I'm going to start making fruit shakes and green smoothies. My Mom has been making some really good ones lately that I want to try. I'll have to share some of the recipes on my blog sometime. Also feel free to email me some of your favorite healthy recipes, I would love to try them out sometime!

Here are a few of my favorites recipes so far.

Baked Spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta shells

Roasted lemon-herb chicken

Tomato Bruschetta 

Corned beef cabbage

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