October 1, 2012

Science Fair

Last weekend we went to the Science Fair. No, I'm not talking about the science fair you had to go to in school, I'm talking about thee Science Fair. You see, my BIL's Eston and Aric are very talented people and have started this awesome T-Shirt company called Science. All graphics are hand drawn by them. Pretty awesome right? 

When you get a second you should go check out their website and follow them on insta @sciencetee.  When you have some extra cash, go get yourselves a Science Tee.



After everyone got their shirts, Eston's bands, Team Heat and Unicornicopia played. Jovi had fun dancing around with everyone. He busted out some pretty good dance moves.

Nixon fell in love with a little puppy that was there. His name was Jack and he was the cutest little thing ever! Just look how tiny he is. I think Ollie was feeling a little threatened by the whole thing.

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