March 13, 2013

Duck Pond

Last week, my Sister Chantelle and I went to take the kiddos to feed the ducks. 
When we got there, there were only a few ducks and as soon as they saw us, they swam to the other end of the pond...
After about 15 mins of trying to get them to come over to us, we decided to go do something else.

As we were about to load the kids into the car, I look over across the road and see another pond with SOO many ducks!
So we started walking over to that pond and as we did, all of the ducks actually started coming up to us like they knew we had something for them.

Nixon was in heaven! He started throwing the bread at them and thought it was so funny how they all started surrounding him.
It was like he was the Mother duck bringing them their food.
Poor little guy couldn't keep up with all the hungry ducks and the bread and crackers were gone in seconds.

When he ran out he started shooing them and trying to let them know he was all out of food. And told them to go back into the pond.
He was so funny to watch during all of this.

Haiven (my niece) and Jovi on the other hand, were a little more intimidated by the ducks and did their own thing. 

Towards the end, they started throwing some bread into the pond and when the ducks  raced after the piece of bread, they would both point and laugh at the duckies.

Jovi even tried to communicate with them by quacking back at them. He's so funny.

So the duck feeding experience ended up turning into a success! 

We took some of our friends back a few days later. And then went on a Sunday walk there with Babe a few days after that. (Nixon calls his Dada babe so that's what he's known by around here:) )

It's now our to-go-to place when it comes to feeding the ducks! 


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