March 21, 2013

23 Weeks

23 weeks... only 15 more to go. I'm telling myself she's going to come a few weeks early. Which she probably won't, but that's okay I'm just really excited for her to get here!
I have been sooo lucky not to get THAT sick during this pregnancy.
But for some reason the last few days I have really been feeling pregnant.
Morning sickness
Lots of pressure
You know all those fun things you wish you never had to experience during pregnancy...
I was seriously on the couch all day yesterday. It was horrible.
I spent the whole day at my parents, while my cute Mama took care of me and the boys.
 I really feel sooo lucky to live so close to family. 

23 Weeks and counting...

Skirt//DownEast    Purse//DownEast  Boots//KMart  Shirt//F21  Lip Stain//Ulta



Kristin said...

i love this!! you are stunning!

Tayli Stowers said...

Awww thanks Kris!! Love you! xoxo

Tayli Stowers said...
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