April 8, 2013

Our Weekend.

This weekend was well needed. Every 6 months our church has General Conference. It's where the leaders of our church speak to all of the members of the church.  And every time they do, it's just what I needed to hear. Really. It's like a spiritual uplift that gets me geared up and motivated again. I find myself trying to focus more on all of the good in the world and all that I have. Rather than all of the things I NEED. I really don't need anymore things, I have everything I need right here in my own home and I really feel so so blessed.

My In-Laws also came down this weekend and tiled the kitchen. It looks soooo goood. Before, it was a lovely pink carpet, and carpet in kitchens do not mix well with two little boys... trust me. So I am so thankful for them and all of their hard work! It really looks so good.


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Brooke said...

The tile looks beautiful! I really enjoyed Conference this weekend too. I always look forward to it. Jeffery R. Holland's talk about faith was my favorite from this one!

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