April 17, 2013

Fresh Herbs + Pizza Margherita Recipes

Nothing like fresh herbs to help freshen up your kitchen!

Yesterday while Babes and Jovi took a nap, Nixon and I went out to run some errands.
 And of course we found ourselves wandering the isles of Target.
I told Nix we should go look in the baby section at things for Gibson (His soon to be Sister) he thought that was a good idea.
He started throwing things in the cart saying "I think Gipson will like this!" 
He picked out some superhero undies size 4T, a basketball crib mobile, two bottles of Johnson's baby wash, a "Spidey" watch aka Spiderman, and a sound machine.  I think she's set! He was so proud of all the things he had picked out. 

As we made our way to the checkouts, I secretly put things back without him noticing. And then distracted him by letting him pick out a piece of candy at the checkout- always the highlight of the shopping trip. 
 Ugh, shopping with toddlers is always quite the adventure.

Then we went to Home Depot to pick out some fresh herbs for cooking. 
When I was in Italy, I cooked with fresh basil all the time and grew to love it. 
Here is one of my favorite snacks I made with my roommates almost everyday. 
Thanks to my beautiful friend Simone for teaching it to me!

A Piadina (A type of flat bread or tortilla)
Ham or Turkey
Fresh mozzarella 
Fresh basil

All you do is heat the piadina in a pan, put all the ingredients on the piadina except for the basil and fold it in half. Let it cook until the cheese is melted. Then remove from heat and add the basil leafs and enjoy! Its pretty tasty! 

I also found a margherita pizza recipe online that I've been wanting to try. 
I'm excited to use the fresh basil on it! 
 Also I love tomato soup with fresh basil leafs on top. It's soo soo tasty. 

I also got lemon balm and citrus mint herbs, they are good in herbal teas. 
I read somewhere that Lemon balm is also used for aromatic and cosmetic purposes and can help calm stress and anxiety. Pretty cool!

Here is the pizza recipe.

Here is a quick Margherita recipe if you are wanting something quick and easy.


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