April 19, 2013

The Raw Food Diet

So lately I have been craving fruits and veggies like no ones business. Probably because I haven't been eating the best lately... I'm sure my body is trying to tell me something. 
It's just so hard finding something that sounds good to eat when I'm pregnant, and when I do find something (healthy or not) it's a happy day! 

The Hubs and I are suckers for a good documentary, especially ones that have anything to do with living off the system, food, architecture, and eating more healthy. Which is funny because I wouldn't label us the "healthiest of eaters"

But I have noticed that we have been doing a lot better at eating more healthy compared to when we first were married, we also haven't been eating out as much. Yay!

We have this crazy dream of living in this awesome 60's inspired modern solar home with a lot of windows living on a half acre of land with a huge garden and maybe even some chickens? Maybe? Evan is still trying to convince me on that one.. Basically just live off the grid. Sounds crazy right?

Some of our friends are moving to go become organic farmers. That just sounds like the life to me! I'm sure it won't be easy and will take a lot of work, but I think it's awesome they are going out to give it a shot. Maybe we will go join them someday!;)

 I have been researching about the raw food diet lately. And when I say researching I mean googling and you tubing it to death. I find it so inspiring and really look up to the people who actually do it! I'm not sure I could...  But I like the idea of it.

One of the videos I found talked about how to tell when the fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to eat. I found it very helpful because I am always wondering with some fruits if they are ripe or not and usually jump the gun and bite into them before they are ripe.Yum. She talks about using your 5 senses can help tell when it's ripe. I would share the link with you but I can't find it anymore!

On an effort to eating more healthy, Evan started making these killer salads that are seriously the best! It's a little different every time but here is one of my favorites he makes.

 Romaine Lettuce
Red, Yellow and green peppers
red onion

It's sooo tasty!

So back to the raw food diet... as of right now, I don't think I'm going to fully convert over to a "raw food diet" there's just so many foods that I'm not willing to give up right now. But watching these videos and reading about it definitely has inspired me to start putting more fruits and veggies into my diet. And I have.

One last thing, one of the videos I watched reminded me of something my Mom and I used to do every morning when I lived at home. We would squeeze fresh lemon into at least 8 oz of water and drink it first thing every morning. It's a great way to start your day and helps with cleansing your body. I'm not sure why I ever stopped! I'm starting this again and I'm going to have Evan do it with me. Anyone else who wants to join us is welcome!  
I know I bounce around a lot in my posts and probably don't make any sense most of the time... But I just get so excited about learning new things and want to share it with everyone! Here are some of the videos I have watched.


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