June 17, 2013

35 Weeks

With my other two pregnancies, I never was one to take maternity pics or even take month to month pics of my growing belly. 
I was almost against it.
But now I'm kind of regretting it...
It would have been fun to see the difference between my other 2 pregnancies and compare them to this one.
If we have more children after this one I'm sure I'll track it like I've done with this one. 
Or maybe I won't... 
We'll see.

So 35 weeks down... and 5 more to go! I'm hoping for more like 3 weeks... but we will see when she decides to make an appearance.

I'm down to my weekly check ups. The doc said her measurements and heart rate looks great! 

I'm getting nervous-excited-anxious for this little girl to come into our lives! 
I already feel so blessed and privileged that I get to be her Mama. 

Photo's by Skyler Sorensen
Thanks again Brother!


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