June 19, 2013



As most of you know, Evan is not known as Evan or even Dad so much around here... 
He is Babe. 
I thought since Fathers Day was this weekend, I would share a little bit about our Babe.

Babe is not like most guys, in fact, those of you who know him would agree that he is one in a million. He is practically an open book and I never have trouble trying to get anything out of him. In fact, most times I don't even have to ask, he just tells me.
 I love this about him. 

He is very creative and has a very artistic way of looking at life. He has a love for the 60's and wishes he was born in that era. One of his idols is Buckminster Fuller, he talks about him often and has probably read close to all the books he's ever written or been written about.

 Babe is a people person. 
He has the best communication skills of anyone I know and can carry on a conversation with anyone. Even if he's just met you.

He is always looking for ways to improve our life and house to make it look more 60's and cost effective.  Some of his ambitions and dreams are to design an awesome 60's inspired home on a lot of land with trees and plenty of room for a few animals. 

He is a sensitive soul.
 I have been able to see that side of him a lot more since he became a Daddy. He interacts and plays with our boys in a way that just makes me smile and laugh every time I think about it.  

Some of the voices he comes up with when he's playing with them are very creative.
 Nixon named a stuffed gorilla (that was Babe's when he was little) Green Bean. 
Nix has Babe play Green Bean while he plays Curious George.
They are the best of friends and go on many adventures together. 
 I swear every time Green Bean gets a new voice it seems to get creeper every time. haha. 
But the boys love it.

 Babe is the hardest working person I know. Even when he's not working, I see ideas stirring up in his mind of different inventions or things he wants to do in his life.

He has a different way of looking at life that makes things fun and interesting.
 I feel like there is never a dull moment with him around. 

We love our Babe.
That's all.

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