June 27, 2013

The Boys Birthday Parties

Jovi's 2nd birthday party

Nixon's 3rd birthday party

Nixon's birthday is in April and Jovi's is in June. I always get so excited to plan Nixon's birthday party. I love planning parties. And then when Jovi's birthday rolls around, it's almost like I'm all partied out (the reason he didn't get a 1st birthday party, oops!)  If their birthdays were closer I would just have one big party and celebrate them together.

Well after planning and throwing Nixon's party this year, I wasn't feeling up for another party or even had started planning one for Jov. The day before his birthday I was telling my Sister Chantelle how I felt bad that we always threw a party for Nix and never one for Jovi. Being my cute Sister that she is, perks up and says, "well let's throw him one!" She came up with the theme and we started throwing ideas together for the party. With just a day and a half to prepare, I think it turned out perfect! I could have never pulled off either of their parties without the help of my Mama and Sister! They always pull around for me. 

Jovi was so funny at his party. He hated when we put candles on his cake and lit them. He kept making pouty faces and would say, "no hot hot". Babe had to help him blow out the candles because he wanted nothing to do with them, haha. My favorite part of the day had to of been watching him opening his presents. The look on his face when he opened up his water guns was priceless!

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