September 24, 2013

Keeping up on the "Weeding & Watering"

Remember that post I did a couple weeks ago saying I wasn't really going to blog that much anymore? It's like ever since I said that I have had this desire to blog more and  have somehow been finding the time to do so. It's funny what happens when you throw something out into the universe. So be careful;)

Well It's already Fall! And I'm pretty happy about it. 
This morning, Babe and I took the kiddies to Star Nursery to pick out some plants for our fall garden. 
They are such good little helpers:) Until they start running around the store and throwing plants into the wagon that we weren't planning on buying.. that's when we know it's time to make our purchase and get the heck out of there! We have learned to be a lot faster shoppers since we had kids.

 I always get so excited to plant our new mini garden
I love change, the beginning of something new, new seasons, starting new projects.. you get the point.
 The beginning or starting of something is always so fun and exciting. 
It's sticking to it when the "fun" part wears off that's so hard. Sticking to the everyday tasks of  "weeding & watering" that can get so tedious at times. 

It's so easy to say "eh I did it yesterday.. it should be fine if I skip today's watering" then it keeps getting that much easier to skip out on. I tend to fall in the trap of "laziness" quite often. It's hard to do something when it's just not FUN anymore. It's something that I'm working on. 

I didn't really intend this post to be a life lesson, but that's kind of what it turned into! I guess I'm putting it out into the universe in hopes I will get better at keeping up on the tedious things, the not so "fun" things like "weeding & watering" or in other terms, house work, laundry, dishes..etc. 
Which I should probably go do when I get done with this post! Blah.
Here's to weeding & watering the garden.


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