September 13, 2013

Photo Diary - 9.12.13


<Today was one of thoses days where it felt like all I did was clean and the house still looked like a mess! Ugh.> #storyofmylife #myhouseisneverclean At least I have happy healthy children who are making the messes right? #countmyblessings 
<Nixon dragged the chair over to the fridge, climbs up, gets the juice out and says to Jovi "Look Jovi, I'm strong like a Buffalo!".> Haha where does he come up with this stuff? #nixonbuddy 
<I rearranged the kitchen and moved the rug from under the table. Looks like Ollie found another favorite spot.> #sorrypup #ilikechange 
<Their favorite thing to do right now is gather ALL the pillows in the house and make things out of them. Today Nix called it their "bike rally?" From the influence of their Uncle Kwade>;) #mylittlemessmakers 
 <While the younger kiddlets nap, Nixon and I have "quit time" today we kind of broke away from that and played airplane on the bed and Nixon showed me his monkey dance> #hesgotthemoves 
 <After a delicious dinner, Babe and the boys went outside to do some yard work> #bestlittlehelpers <Jovi spotted out the moon and was showing Dada how cool it looked.>
<"I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me"> 
<While the boys did yard work, Gibby and I had some girl time> :) #ilovethislittlegirl #shessofun
<Jovi took a break from "yard work" and ran in for some baby loves saying "baby gull! Baby gull!" #hessosweet #loveshisbabygirl <He let's everyone know that she's HIS baby girl by saying "My baby gull!" #lovemy3littleangels


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