September 11, 2013

Photo Diary - 9.11.13

I've decided to take a new approach to blogging. I love taking pictures and feel like every photo has a story to be told. I also love blogging but honestly hate writing and feel like I'm really not that good at it. I prefer to write in my hand written journal where I can ramble on for days and not care if I don't make any sense. So I'm turning my blog more into a "Photo Diary" to share with my family and friends. I'll still do updates and journal entry's from time to time... but not very often. I also have more St. George HOT spots i will be highlighting soon. I want this blog to be fun and inspiring and something we can look back on as a family. I want my children to be able to look back on it and read about the little memories I was able to capture. Whether it be through pictures or text. The last thing I want this blog to be is stressful - feeling like I have to post something everyday to keep up with everything and everyone (which I fall into from time to time.) So here's to my style of blogging and keeping it simple and stress free! 


Remember today and holding my Family a little closer. <3<3<3

<it's been raining here a lot lately and I am loving it>
<Gibson girl slept 9 hours straight! It's a new record>
<jovi is always so willing to help with baby girl. Every time she cries, he's right there to comfort her>
<Babe started doing hair again and graduates next May with his bachelors-Yay!> #blueeyedbeauties
<Just got back from running errands> <washing dishes by hand since our disposal + dishwasher broke this week. Makes me all the more grateful for them now that I can't use them! #lessonlearned #graditude> 
<Nixon told us last week that he wanted to be an alligator for Halloween this year. He changed his mind today and decided he wanted to be Jimmy the robot from the Aquabats Super Show. I'm sure it will change again next week> #3yearolds #indecisive
<he's been helping me get her to sleep on the nights when I'm exhausted and have done all that I can> #sothankfulforhim #bestdadaward 
<jovi has been getting more opinionated lately and wasn't happy with the show Nixon chose> #aquabatsupershow #poorwiiremote #actionshot 
<just because he's cute> #jovipovi #lovemybrowneyedboy 


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