September 3, 2013

St. George H O T spots - Breakfast at Tifiny's

Our next hot spot is a cozy brunch spot in Santa Clara called, Breakfast at Tifiny's, located in Santa Clara just off of Santa Clara drive.
They serve breakfast, crepes, and gelato 8am-2pm Mon- Sat and just started serving dinner 6-8pm Mon-Sat.

Last weekend, the girls and I went there for a delicious brunch. We sat outside on the garden patio. It's really beautiful this time of year with all of the greenery and flowers! 

For brunch, my Mom ordered the Orange Oatmeal & Quinoa.  My Sister, Chantelle ordered the California Eggs Benedict and my Sister Kylie and I shared their famous Creme Brulee French Toast. 
They soak it over night in custard and it is seriously to die for. 

I'm thinking Babe and I are going to have to go back on a date sometime to try their dinner!
 I saw that they offer salmon which I am a big sucker for.

If you want to connect with Breakfast at Tifiny's visit their facebook page here
You can also get the directions here if you want to go give it a try!

Miss Haiven really does love her Aunties kisses, promise.

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Tiffany said...

I love this place! Never knew there was a downstairs haha. Didn't it kind of remind you of someone you should have invited.... what is her name? Tiffany??? Hahaha ;)

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