September 21, 2013

Photo Diary - 9.21.13

Today was good.

My Brother in law, Dan has been using our house this weekend to film a short film, so as soon as the boys got up this morning, we headed to the dog park so we wouldn't get in his way. #jammiesandall
During naptime today, I gave Nixon buddy a little hair trim while he watched special agent OSO. He made sure I left it long enough to it would still "touch his ears". #hisrequest #myhandsomelittlebuddy 
Later, we went on a drive to the library which ended up being closed... But it got Nix to sleep by 7 tonight! Maybe we should go on a drive every night? #heshardtogettosleep
"Mama, Dada! Shhhh Niss seeping" I love how much Jovi is starting to talk these days. He's such a funny child and makes us laugh everyday. #jovipovi #hessoyummy 
Baby girl is getting some chunk! Shes soo sweet! and I know I always say this but, she's such a happy baby! #gibbylou #prettylady #happiestbaby
I think it's safe to say he kinda loves her:) "Baby gull!! No Ollie! My baby gull!"


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