September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning

I don't know what it is about Sunday mornings... but they are the worse. And today was no different. 
 It seemed like the boys woke up on the very wrong side of the bed. 
Everything was a problem. 

For example; I gave Nixon the orange bowl instead of the green one... tantrum city right there. 
Then both of the boys have to sit in the same seat at the table... even though we have 3 other spots! -melt downs to the floor-- And we haven't even made it past 10am yet! 

Then on top of all of this baby girl starts crying in the other room.
 So I go get here so that Babe can keep sleeping because he has a paper route he does every mornings at 4am then comes back home to sleep. 
So I'm usually flying solo for the first part of the morning. (insert exhausted emoji here.)

So I lay baby girl down so she can join in on the crying brigade as I go make her a bottle. 
After I get her all calmed down, the boys decided to go dump out all of the diapers all over the floor that I had just organized all nicely.. grrr. rrrreeat. 
Annnnddd finally, Babe gets up to rescue me! 
I really count down the minutes and don't think I could take anymore of this crazyiness. 

I head back to my bathroom to start getting ready.
As I'm sitting there all bothered about the morning, i start thinking instead of dwelling on the crazy stuff that went wrong this morning, maybe I should start thinking about the little things that went right.

like the fact that Jovi ate all of his food ALL gone that I had made him! Yay! big victory there since he is my pickiest eater yet. -I'm hoping Gibson will cut me some slack in the picky eater department. Fingers crossed.

Or the fact that after Gibby finished her bottle she fell right back asleep so that I could get ready. She's such a good baby girl. 
And instead of Nixon dropping all the eggs on the floor at least it was only one... right?
After thinking about all the good things that happened, it made me laugh and feel a little better about the morning.
 It wasn't until we were sitting in church that I was able to catch my breath and really feel some relief. 
I thought, "hey we made it to church! and we are all happy, fed and dressed". 
That deserves a big pat on the back if you ask me.;)


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