October 25, 2013

My Thoughts

My Thoughts.

I really want to blog today. 
But my house is a mess.
I should clean it.
But I don't really feel like cleaning.
I think the lazy bug bit me today.
I have a lot of cute pictures I want to edit.
I should probaby fold that pile of laundry.
Orr maybe I should wait and do that when the kiddies are sleeping.
They always mess up the clothes that I fold anyways.
I want to paint my nails, but what if baby girl wakes up.
Shoot what should I make for dinner tonight?
The boys are playing so nicely right now.
I have the cutest kids! How did I get so lucky.
I really love being a Mom.
It's hard work.
But I love it.



The Wheeler's said...

Ha you sound like me! I feel like I'm ADD because I can never finish anything... dishes are halfway, laundry, etc, etc :) Oh well, I guess those are the joys of being a mommy ;) Love you!! xoxo

Tayli Stowers said...

Haha glad I'm not alone! Love you too my Sandi!! Xoxo

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