October 22, 2013


Ever since I was 14, I have spontaneously looked at the clock at 10:22. It's the weirdest thing. What's even more weird is that I still see it All. The. Time. So since today is October 22nd (10/22) I have claimed this day to be my lucky day.

I always wondered if something awesome was going to happen on this day. Because why else would I look at 10/22 all the time? Something awesome is bound to happen right? Well even though nothing has happened yet... I'm still convinced something will.

Evan almost proposed to me on 10/22 but he got sick for 2 weeks (like really sick) so that happened in November instead. Then I thought, maybe we would get married on that day.. but nope couldn't wait that long. Then after having 2 boys I thought, maybe my little girl would be born on that day?.. but nope, she came in July.

Taylor Swifts album, Red, did come out last year on 10/22 so I thought that was pretty cool. I also thought that maybe I'll get to meet her or something... But nope, still waiting on that to happen.

So for now, I'll keep looking at the clock at 10:22 and maybe one of these years something awesome will happen.



becca stowers said...


becca stowers said...

maybe because:) you were suppose to marry Evan :) because His Grandparents were married on 10/22
Love You! :)

Tayli Stowers said...

Really?! That's awesome I didn't know that:) It's destiny!

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