October 21, 2013

Photo Diary - 10.17.2013

Photo Diary.

The sunrise was sooo beautiful this morning! Thanks to Ollie (our pup)  I was up and this hour to capture it.
Oatmeal & toast for breakfast with my two sweet boys. 

I was tying to get a smile but all I got was a frown. Which was still pretty adorable!

Playing with his pumpkins he picked out last weekend at the pumpkin patch. I thought they would make cute decor for our recorded player, but apparently Jovi thought otherwise. "No Mama, MINE,"

Playing, creating, bonding, fighting, laughing, crying all day everyday. I love these two Brothers.

A little project I did for the playroom. It's amazing what you can learn on YouTube.

These little booties were some of the last things my Grandma Sorensen knitted before she passed. Pretty special that my Aunt found them and gave them to Gibby before she was born. These will always be a treasure.


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