March 28, 2014

Phone Dump

{Tuesday 25th}
Today was a pretty dang good day. All 3 kids slept through the night and didn't wake up until almost 10! We ate breakfast then got ready for Gramma Preschool. After dropping the boys off at my Mom's, my Sister Chantelle and I went to meet two of our long time friends (Charity & Jordi) for lunch. 

It really was so good to all get together and catch up, laugh, talk, and joke around like we use to. I really have some pretty amazing friends and family and feel very very blessed to have them in my life. 

Later that night, Ev took the boys to the pet store to get some food for their pet lizard (Dragon) while Gibs and I stayed home and did some outside yoga. I hadn't realized how weak my arms were until I started doing yoga. My back and arm muscles are pretty sore from doing it, but I kinda like it. It makes me want to push myself and keep at it! 

Happy Day!

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