May 6, 2014

St. George Ironman

Over the weekend we went to cheer my cousin Sean on at the Ironman finish lane.
It was so inspiring to see all the determined runners cross the finish line.
I asked Sean how he felt after the race and he said "really good! pretty tired and really hungry."
I personally have never been in any type of race, and I can't rap my mind around running that long of a distance. (I'm not much of a runner.) but I admire those who are.

Who knows, maybe after seeing Sean accomplish this and being inspired I may one day try it out just to prove to myself that I can. But I'm not thinking this will be anytime soon.
So for now, I will stick to my slow steady walks around the block with the little ones and be the one cheering on at the finish line.
Because that's good enough for me, for now.

So proud of you Sean!

Photo by Dan Fowlks


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