May 5, 2014

The Mama List

I thought it would be fun to share a few things that make my Mama life a little less hectic and more enjoyable. Here is my Mama list for the week!

1.  Trader Joes Cinnamon Apple snack sticks. These things are the bomb and highly addicting. I'm tempted to drive back to Vegas just to get some more of them. 

2. Poke a Dot Old MacDonald's Farm! This is my boys favorite book. They get to poke the bubbles as they count the animals. They love it! 

3. This TI Style brush is a lot like the wet brush. It seriously is a miracle brush, no more fights when it comes to brushing wet hair! I will even use it on my hair once and a while. (I found it at TJ Maxx)

4. This is my go to lip balm and I love the minty flavor.  So when I'm not just using vaseline I use this EOS lip balm

5. Coconut Pineapple water. I drink this stuff all the time. I love how refreshing it makes me feel. Sometimes the boys are lucky and will get a sip, but only sometimes;) You can find it here or here or at most local grocery stores. 

6. This bottle mat is genius! I use to just lay a towel out next to my sink but then I found this mat and it's a lot more effective with socking up the water from the rinsed bottles. I love it. (You can get find it at Walmart in the baby food section.)

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