May 4, 2014

Phone Dump 5.2.2014

Phone dump//

Highlights over the last few weeks.

-Our Trip to Vegas.
-Seeing all the cool birds at Plant World.
-Swinging on Sandy's cool ceiling swing.
-Nixon's 4th birthday.
-Taya sharing her sticker tattoos.
-Easter Sunday with family.
-Meeting the real Easter bunny.
-Pretending to be a model for Annie Jean Apparel
-Coloring Easter eggs the day after Easter.
-Going to Dixie hill.
-Birthday lunch at Durangos 
-Jovi spilling blue egg dye all over himself and instantly turning into a smurf.
-Snuggles with baby Cope.
-Getting Modern Macrame going.
-Nixon and Taya loving and hating each other at the same time. 
-Nixon's new farm set he got for his birthday. 
-New wiggle bikes for Easter. 
-Our trip to Whole Foods in Vegas.
-Going to the pet store.
-Our trip home from Vegas.

Much love, 

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