July 17, 2014

Grandma's Farm

My little Sis Rylee & Spot

Growing up, my Mom was always saying how she wished we lived on a farm. 
We would have fresh milk and eggs right at our finger tips, she would say. 

I remember not liking this idea because cows require milking in the early AM hours and I was not a fan of the idea of getting up that early!!!  Still doesn't sound very fun to me.;)

I also thought It was funny this was her dream because she grew up in the city. 

Well It probably took a little longer than my Mom would have hoped, but in a way, she is now living her farm dream  (minus the cow thank goodness...;) 

They have chickens, a roster, bunnies, a dog, birds and fish! 
Grandmas house is the place to be.
My kids would live there if I let them.
It's always so hard to leave, because there is just so many fun things to do there.

First thing Nixon does when we get to Gramma's is asks her to go check for chicken eggs with him. 
My Mom is always so cute to make sure and save them for him when she knows he's coming over.

It's his absolute favorite things to do, and he gets so excited every time he finds some. 

Jovi is more afraid of the chickens, when one gets close to him he runs aways saying, "he's gonna eat me!" haha. 

But he LOVES dogs. Doesn't matter the breed or size he loves them all. 

Gibby has fun crawling around and chasing the chickens and bunnies. 
She thinks they're pretty funny and laughs as she "stink bug crawls" after them. 

It's funny to think I'm starting to want the same dream as my Mama. And it's not just me... it's our whole family. 

I know it will eventually come, but sometimes I get super impatient and want it NOW!! 

I'm not complaining either... I'm just a big dreamer and super optimistic.

Which makes me always excited and hopeful for the future. Whatever it may be. :)

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