November 11, 2014

Chasing Squirrels

While Gibson had her morning nap, I sent the boys outside in the jammie's to chase squirrels and ride their wiggle bikes. They thought it was pretty cool that I didn't make them get dressed in clothes first. 
As they played, I cleaned up the kitchen and rinsed the breakfast dishes while watching them play through the kitchen window. 

I always have dreamt of  having a big fenced in backyard where I could let them roam free and explore in nature. 

I still can't believe I'm now living that dream. It feels a little surreal. 

After they were done playing, Gibs was up from her nap, so I put them all in the tubby for a scrub down.

The first few days we were here at our new place, our hot water wasn't working, (luckily it was a easy fix) so by this time. I was feeling very grateful for warm water to be able to wash my sweet babes. 

We also were without a washer and dryer for a week.  
The day they arrived, you bet I was doing all sorts of celebrating as I folded fresh clean laundry and put them away. (Ev was so nice to help me with it, since we had a mountain's of laundry to catch up on.)

It makes you appreciate the little things that we often over look so much more when you have to live without them for a few days or a week. 
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