November 10, 2014

Best of Friends

Photo's taken at our St. George house. 

These two crack me up. They are always coming up with new games and creations. 
Pillow trails have been a favorite of theirs. They gather every pillow in the house (seriously, every. pillow.) and make a long trail with them. If they step off the pillow trail that means they fall into the alligators and get eaten by them! 

I hear repeatedly throughout the day
Because heaven forbid those gators are pretty vicious. 

More and more Nixon and Jovi are becoming the best of friends. I love watching them play (nicely) together. Because yes they are little brothers and yes they do have their little fights and arguments at times and yes I am sometimes tempted to tie them both to a chair or pull my hair out. (I haven't done either oh them yet... so that must mean maybe I'm doing something right;)

They are such sweet little boys, who keep me busy and entertained everyday. I love their different looks and personalities. Gibby thinks they're pretty great too. 

I'v been trying to slow down a little bit and take it a day at a time lately.
Time is flying by way too fast and I know I will never get this time I have with them back.

Happy Monday!

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